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You can browse our complete list of all Minnesota newspapers, or use our search function to find the newspaper you're looking for.

The browsing lists are arranged alphabetically by city, then by the newspaper's official name. From there, you can follow links to the newspaper's own web site if it has one, or to individual pages with information how to contact the newspaper.

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Minnesota Newspapers Online

Online newspapers in Minnesota and around the USA offer opportunities to keep in touch with happenings in:

  • your hometown or former residence
  • your alma mater
  • friends' or relatives' communities
  • vacation destinations
  • areas of your real estate holdings
  • sports opponents
  • genealogy research

Newspaper Advertising

Here are details about how to advertise in the statewide Minnesota Display Ad Network, a deeply discounted but very effective program, buying ad space in participating newspapers across the state, or a region.

There is also an option to advertise on Minnesota newspaper web sites as well.

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